Sunday, September 23, 2007


The British banger (sausage) is under threat as farmers struggle with the rising costs of pig feed. Wheat, the main ingredient in the feed has increased in cost from £70 a ton to as much as £200 a ton in some areas. Supermarkets have been warned that unless they are prepared to pay farmers more for pork supplies, they will face shortages of British home produced pork, bacon and sausages.

If the supermarkets do accept the price increases then they will have to pass these onto the consumers who can expect to pay more for pork products. Farmers believe that shoppers will accept increased prices but supermarkets believe that demand for the products will drop. Bangers and mash is a popular British institution. However many British sausages contain a very low pork content, I personally believe it is hard to justify high price increases. Some German sausages which are sold in supermarkets here have a higher pork content, taste much better and are much better value for money. Another alternative is vegetarian sausages which also taste good, especially the Linda McCartney ones. Maybe now is a good time to think about trying them.


Jackie said...

My Dad, a Welshman, was a bangers and mash sort of guy and hated the sausages here as they were 98% pork and not the cereal mix they were in England. Whenever we went to England he ate sausages and mash at every meal and smiled like a Cheshire cat with every mouth full.

Marion said...

Bangers and of my very favourite comfort foods! Pork is still relatively inexpensive here; it is a staple in my house, Naomi.

The other choices sound great, as well!

Naomi said...

It's funny how bangers and mash just don't taste the same in other countries of the world Jackie.

I have a weakness for bacon butties Marion but don't eat that many sausages. I was pleasantly surprised how good the vegetarian ones taste.