Saturday, March 31, 2007


Plans revealed by Tony Blair this week to put “facial recognition” cameras on the streets of Britain were met by a furious public response. Apparently the idea is that the cameras will be able to spot criminals by matching pictures with electronic “maps” of their faces stored on a computer. What if the technology goes wrong and an innocent person is targeted? I don’t think this has even been considered. They say everyone has a double so an innocent person could easily be mistaken for a criminal who looks uncannily like them. Mr Blair believes that the new system will be a way to combat 21st century crime.

Critics argue that the new system will lead to less police on the streets and pose a serious threat to our civil liberties. Many people believe the cameras will lead to a society as in George Orwell’s 1984 novel where people’s every move is monitored. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the government are also going to put hidden cameras into bricks and baked bean cans to catch residents who put their rubbish out on the wrong day! This would be funny if it wasn’t so petty and yet another waste of taxpayers’ hard earned money! It certainly feels as if Britain is turning into a “Big Brother is watching” society. Love them or loathe them, cameras of any description are no substitute for good policing, something that’s sadly lacking in this country.


Marion said...

Naomi, it seems crazy, doesn't it?

There are many odd ideas floating around in the Canadian government these days as well.

But cameras into bricks and baked bean cans??!!!!? I agree, that would be such an enormous waste of money.

And I would really dislike having my picture taken as I was wandering along...could be a bad hair day, lol!

Sheila said...

Oh that's funny about the hidden cameras to catch such silly "crime." Don't you think people will raise a big stink? I certainly hope so. In our city, the city wanted to put traffic cameras up to catch red light runners and there was a big to do. There are still a few around though.

Naomi said...

Never thought of that Marion! These new cameras could end up costing women like myself a fortune in makeup and hairdressing appointments! Thanks for stopping by.

Naomi said...

Yes Sheila the hidden camera suggestions have indeed provoked a furious response from the public. I personally think there will be too much opposition for the system to go ahead. More police on the streets to look out for criminals and criminal activity would be a much better idea.