Saturday, March 31, 2007


British scientists at Sheffield University have discovered that drinking green tea can help fight HIV, the virus that leads to Aids. A compound in the tea prevents the virus from binding to cells in the immune system. A university professor stated that the tea could reduce the risk of infection and slow down the spread of the virus. However he stressed that it wasn’t a cure but could be used to improve the quality of life of those affected by the HIV virus. The current number of UK residents with the virus has risen to over 63,000.

Meanwhile tea connoisseurs believe that the tea purchased by most UK shoppers is amongst the worst tea in the world. Apparently experts say that many supermarket own-brand tea bags are nothing more than dust and water stuffed into a bag! So now we know!

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James Roberts said...

Green tea has been great for me. I have been drinking it for around 3 month now. It has helped with my BP and has burned fat from the love handle areas. Great blog