Sunday, March 18, 2007


A shocking report published this week reveals that wasteful British families throw away a third of the food they buy. Apparently most families buy more food than they need, storing it in fridges that are too warm and allowing it to go out of date. As somebody who was brought up not to waste food and always reminded that there were lots of starving children in the world by my dad, I can never understand why people do this. They should spare a thought for the thousands of starving people in third world countries who have nothing. They would appreciate just a small amount of the food we cast on one side and throw away. Many people in the west just don’t appreciate how lucky they are.


Sheila said...

Oh Naomi you are so right to remind us of this bad habit. I am guilty and here's why. I will go shopping and buy fresh vegetables thinking I'm going to prepare them. Then I'll get lazy and we will go out to eat. I neglect what I have and it gets old. I much like the Italian way of shopping for the day's meals and not buying mass amounts of food.

Naomi said...

You're right Sheila. We could learn a lot from the Italians.