Saturday, January 13, 2007


Britain has become the dumpsite of Europe, throwing more waste into landfill sites than any of its European neighbours. The Local Government Association believes that makers of single use items like batteries, disposable cameras and nappies should contribute towards the cost of their disposal. With the cost of landfill sites becoming increasingly costly, they also believe that the government should give councils the power to charge householders for the amount of rubbish they put out. Critics believe this will lead to more people dumping rubbish in the streets and fly-tipping rather than paying the extra charges. Maybe the answer is that we should all be more conscious of the rubbish we put out and take that extra few minutes to separate things like papers and bottles from general household rubbish. If everyone in the country took the time to do this, it would make a big contribution towards saving the planet and the rising costs of landfill sites.

Meanwhile Tony Blair is continuing to do his bit to save the planet by announcing on Sky TV that he isn’t prepared to give up his long haul holidays. The PM has come under fierce criticism from his own advisers over his complete failure to lead on climate change.

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