Monday, May 28, 2007


Alcoholic drinks are to carry a government health warning by the end of next year. The government has made an agreement with the drinks industry that all drinks will carry details on the labels of the safe drinking levels for men and women. In addition they will carry details of how many alcoholic units each drink contains. The new rules have been brought into force after official figures revealed that over 7 million people are hazardous or harmful drinkers. Binge drinking is now a major public health concern in Britain.

The labelling decision comes hot on the heels of the Department of Health last week advising pregnant women and those trying to conceive to drink no alcohol at all, after it was revealed that many pregnant women believed it was still ok to drink as long as it was a small amount.


Sank said...

Sounds like a bit of the nanny state exists in the UK as well. Like um, a warning on a glass is going to change behavior?

Jackie said...

Will it help is the question. I would just like to see adverts banned world wide as like the old cigarette ads they make it out to be a necessary part of life and you are not one of the hip people if you don't indulge.

Naomi said...

It's like the warning on cigarette packets Sank. They don't stop people from smoking.

Jackie I agree, sometimes adverts make it appear "cool" to drink alcohol.