Monday, May 28, 2007


As someone who suffers with sensitive teeth, I was interested to hear of a new toothpaste which will be available in Britain at the end of the month. The wonder toothpaste claims to be the first on the market to actually treat the cause of sensitive teeth by re-building tooth enamel. Described by one dentist as a “unique product”, Arm and Hammer’s Enamel Care Sensitive contains a liquid form of calcium, a key component in tooth enamel. The calcium plugs tiny holes in the enamel and stops dental nerves becoming exposed and painful, ending the agony of sensitive teeth.

It sounds good in theory, but like all new inventions could be too good to be true. Recent research has linked calcium to Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disorders. Too much calcium can also cause nerve damage. However for people who suffer the daily misery of sensitive teeth, the benefits of this toothpaste will no doubt far outweigh the risks. I’ll probably give it a go myself.


Marion said...

I'm going to look for this product myself...sensitive teeth are no picnic. Thanks for the warning re calcium.

Wouldn't it be great to have a toothpaste that would stop dental nerves from becoming exposed? Here's hoping it works!

Sank said...

What about sensodyne? We have a couple toothpastes for sensitive teeth..

Naomi said...

Me too Marion. I'm definitely going to try it.

Hi Sank, I actually use Sensodyne already but apparently this new toothpaste is supposed to be even better.