Friday, May 18, 2007


The Ministry of Defence announced this week that Prince Harry would not be going to serve with his regiment in Iraq. The decision has provoked a backlash of criticism from parents whose sons have been killed in Iraq. Many parents believe that the Ministry of Defence is sending the message that Harry’s life is more important than theirs and if it is too dangerous for Harry to go there, then it is too dangerous for the other troops to be there as well.

Harry is said to be bitterly disappointed, although he does understand and accept the decision that has been taken. A Statement released by Clarence House stated that Harry’s thoughts are with his troops and the rest of the battle group in Iraq. However the decision was taken as it was thought Harry and his regiment would be exposed to too much risk, after agents uncovered an Al-Qaeda terrorist plot to kidnap or kill him. Harry was due to be in charge of eleven soldiers and four reconnaissance vehicles.


Jackie said...

I am glad as I think their reasoning in this case was right.

Naomi said...

I do too Jackie. Harry would have been at even greater risk than the other young men out there, because of who he is.