Monday, May 28, 2007


Britons are the world's second biggest tea drinkers, behind the Irish, consuming 165 million cups a day. Researchers have discovered that drinking tea is even better for you than drinking water. It contains antioxidants and doesn’t dehydrate you. Three or more cups of tea a day can cut the risk of heart attacks whilst other benefits include bone strengthening and protection against dental plaque, one of the main causes of tooth decay. All the more reason to have a nice cup of tea!


Sheila said...

I wonder how our American southerners rank. You should see the size of some of the glasses of iced tea we are served in restaurants. The southern version, however, is overly ladden with sugar. I prefer mine unsweetened and decidedly more healthful.

Jackie said...

Can't live without my tea :)

My favorite is Lady Grey tea. Drink gallons of it but also try and drink a few cups of green tea daily for its health boost.

Naomi said...

Hi Sheila, It's nice to see you again after your move. I've had iced tea. It's very nice but I like the warm version better. I never take sugar in tea and always think it tastes better without.

Hi Jackie, I can't live without tea either. My favourites are Earl Grey and Lady Grey. I sometimes drink herbal teas and like Dr Stewarts Green Tea (Chi) as well

Jackie said...

Have bronchitis this week so drinking Twining Green Tea & Mint and Spiced Chi.

Janey Loree said...

I love both hot and iced tea!!! Growing up in Texas, I think my baby bottle had tea in it as a baby. I know that my boys had baby iced tea bottles along with apple juice and milk of course!!

My mother stopped my dad from adding tons of sugar to his iced tea when they got married. Back then they used sacchrin, today we use Sweet'n'Low. Mom and I even drink it without sweetner for long periods of time.

I tend to drink more hot tea when I am not feeling well and during the winter. I've not tried "Lady Grey"!!!

Naomi said...

Sorry to hear you're suffering with brochitis Jackie. I'm sure the tea will help you a lot. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Janey, my dad always used saccharin. I got him out of using it as there was a report here linking it to pancreatic cancer. We drink mostly hot tea here in England but at one time they used to sell the cold Liptons iced tea in a can here. It was nice but didn't really take off over here. The British are very traditional about their tea!