Sunday, May 20, 2007


According to a recent study, surfing the net has now become a mainstream activity for the British public. Apparently young women have taken over from young men as the main internet users in the U.K, whilst men over 50 are the largest male group who surf online. Surfing the net is certainly addictive, with e-mail being a popular form of communication. When my computer went down recently, I was lost without it. How did we ever manage without all this technology!


Granimore said...

It's my understanding than internet access in the UK is free. Is this correct? At one time there were companies in America that provided free access. They were all bought up by the big ISP's like AOL and others, so now the only way to get free internet is to either go the library, where access is limited, or have a wireless laptop and find a hotspot.

Janey Loree said...

It is amazing how dependent we have become on modern technology! I feel crippled without my computer!!

Naomi said...

No Granimore, you have to pay a monthly fee to get internet access in the U.K. We have AOL here and some others too. Access is free here too in the libraries but limited.

Janey, I was crawling the walls when my computer went down. I rely on it for so many things!