Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Many readers have remarked that some of my posts are done at odd times of the day and night! No I don't suffer from insomnia! The time settings on this blog have never been right since day one. As I'm not very technical, I wasn't sure how to fix them. Thanks very much to BizWhiz over at
  • Tips For New Bloggers

  • for your help and advice. All the settings are now correct so you should see posts at normal times! Tips for New Bloggers is a great site for people like me who are not technical. There are a lot of useful tips and advice over there. I'm not surprised this site is No. 1 over at Blog Village.


    Janey Loree said...

    I love "Tips For New Bloggers" as well! I was just over there today and found out how to add a picture in the header over at MnC!!

    Naomi said...

    It's really good to have somewhere to go if you have problems. Nice to see you again Janey.