Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Plans by Channel 4 to show graphic photos of Princess Diana dying in the aftermath of the Paris car crash have been met with disgust and outrage. Channel 4 plan to broadcast the sickening photos showing Diana’s last moments as part of a documentary, “Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel”, on 6th June to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. The insensitivity of the media is unbelievable and yet another attempt to cash in on Diana's memory. To show images of this nature will cause unnecessary pain and heartbreak to Princes William and Harry who have repeatedly called on the media not to publish such upsetting photos of their mother. Last Summer an Italian magazine caused worldwide condemnation when it published a photo of Princess Diana dying in the wreckage of the car crash.

Meanwhile actress Keira Knightley is the hot favourite to play Princess Diana in a movie about her life. The movie will be based on a controversial book, "Diana and the Paparazzi" and the film’s producer is hoping the movie will follow in the footsteps of Helen Mirren’s movie, “The Queen”, and be a box office hit.


david santos said...

Today it is the World-wide day of the children.

Jackie said...

I am amazed the Royals haven't managed to put a stop to it. How awful.

I don't think I would see the movie even with Keira in it as I feel we have been bombarded since her death with articles, TV documentaries etc and it would just be a rehash of that and nothing new.

I would like a film on Princess Anne who quietly comes to Africa and other parts of the world helping children without loads of media following her.

Naomi said...

Let's hope and pray for Madeleine today David, that she is reunited with her family again soon.

It is awful Jackie and I will be boycotting the programme and film, like a lot of people in England. Princess Anne is one of the hardest working members of the royal family.

Jackie said...

I see for the second week our biggest circulation magazine has given a two full page promo on Maddy.

Some letters afterwards said they were surprised the children were left unattended even for 10 minutes in a foreign country when most parents won't even do that in their own country but I am sure Maddy's parents would have expected being in a good resort that there would be top security. Sadly they were wrong. It has also highlighted the problem here of many children going missing with very little follow up by the police.

Naomi said...

Yes I think the Portugese police were particularly lax and slow to act in this case Jackie. Precious time went by before they started the search for this little girl. No child is safe now, it's such an awful world we live in.