Sunday, May 20, 2007


Still on the subject of guns, I was shocked to hear that an 11 month old baby has been given a firearms licence in the U.S. Apparently the child’s father applied for the licence over the internet and it was granted with no questions asked. The baby’s granddad has since bought him a shotgun for when he’s older. It’s a sad and frightening sign of the times when somebody can get hold of a gun so easily and just goes to show how stupid the U.S. gun laws are. It’s no wonder you hear of so many shooting incidents. It’s such a trigger-happy society we live in now with guns too easily available, particularly in the U.S. The pro gun lobby there believes it’s every citizen’s right to carry a gun. They don’t stop to consider what happens when they fall into the hands of some crazy person.

Also violence is everywhere around us, on tv, in the movies, on the net and on computer games, helping to shape youngsters into disturbed and unbalanced individuals. Is it any wonder we live in an increasingly violent and menacing society?


Granimore said...

Yes, the gun control issue here in America is very controversial. Some argue that if you make guns harder for law abiding citizens to obtain, it will be harder for them to be ready to defend themselves against criminals, who usually obtain their guns illegally. Others say if we outlaw guns altogether, we wouldn't have these problems. Of course, since when did making something illegal stop criminals from partaking of it anyway?

Naomi said...

That's very true Granimore.

Princess Haiku said...

I heard that story and it is sobering.