Tuesday, June 26, 2007


To read about my favourite things, check out Diary from England's post in the Meme Carnival over at my fellow blog villager Tony's blog, The Lives and Times

There are lots of other interesting carnival posts from other bloggers too. They make interesting reading. If you have a spare minute, pop over and have a look.


Kilroy_60 said...

A quick note my friend, we're having a Friends of Kilroy carnival. I'm encouraging my friends - surprise - to get posts in. There are a few days remaining; I regret I haven't gotten around sooner.

The people linked to you are eligible...two degrees of separation you know.

I'll be back to visit you soon; surfing and commenting. That will definitely make the experiment more interesting.


mrsnesbitt said...

An intersting blog here i too am in UK, Yorkshire to be precise....wet yorkshire!

david santos said...

Naomi, my friend, finishes to be imprisoned in Spain an Italian man suspected to be involved in the abduction of Madeleine, Naomi, is intent to the notice

Naomi said...

Hi Kilroy,

I'd love to join in the carnival but there is so much going on at the moment, I don't think I'll have chance to get a post together. I'm flying to Italy on Thursday and have a lot to do before I go. I do however wish you every success with your carnival.

Naomi said...

Hi Mrs Nesbitt

Nice to see you again. I love it when fellow Brits stop by. I hope you're ok and your home wasn't too badly damaged. I know Yorkshire was badly hit with flooding.

Naomi said...

Hi David

I heard they arrested an Italian man but unfortunately we're still no closer to finding little Maddy. I'll be keeping my eyes open whilst I'm away in Italy. We can only hope and pray Maddy will be re-united with her family again soon.