Sunday, June 10, 2007


Under plans announced by the Environment Minister, David Miliband this week, millions of British householders will be issued with a free device which monitors how much electricity household appliances such as washing machines, are using at the touch of a button. The clever little device also records how much money the appliances are costing to run and how much energy is being wasted. The idea is that the gadgets will encourage people to use less energy, slash their utility bills and also help to save the planet. The free monitoring devices will be available from energy suppliers next year with priority being given to poor families and pensioners to apply for them. As world leaders met this week at the G8 summit in Germany to discuss climate change, David Miliband stated that it was just as important for people to tackle global warming in the home as it was for polluting nations to cut carbon emissions.

I think in theory this system will be a good idea as it will help people to see in monetary terms how much the wasted energy is costing them. This is definitely the way forward for householders to tackle climate change. I personally think for many people if they see that wasted energy is hitting them financially, they will be more likely to switch off things like dvd players left on standby, which in turn will help the planet. I'm looking forward to getting one of these monitoring devices myself. What a good idea!

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