Thursday, June 07, 2007


The London 2012 Olympic logo was launched this week, amidst widespread ridicule and criticism. Some people believe it looks like graffiti and resembles a swastika, whilst others have said it resembles Japanese comic book art. A group of people on the social networking site, “Facebook”, said they knew a monkey that could create a better logo! Even the Mayor, Ken Livingstone is said to believe the logo is a big waste of money and a non-starter.

The controversial logo cost £400,000 and took a year’s research including consumer testing. Credit card company and official Olympic sponsor Visa have given the logo their seal of approval, despite calls for it to be scrapped. Fortunately the cost of the doomed logo hasn’t come from the taxpayer but from sponsorship. The animated logo has already been pulled from the website after reports that it’s flashing images triggered epileptic fits in a number of people.


Jackie said...

It does remind one of a swastika at first glance.

Pamela Heywood said...

I agree with Ken Livingstone and the people on Facebook on this one. Terrible logo. I hope it is axed.

Naomi said...

Hello Jackie and Pamela,

I can't believe what an utter fiasco this turned out to be and after all the time and money that was wasted on it too! I wouldn't have thought a swastika and graffiti were images that a city like London would want to be associated with.