Sunday, June 03, 2007


As the 1st July smoking ban looms, a poll has revealed that one in five smokers believe the ban on smoking in public places will help them to quit. From 1st July, smoking will be banned in public places, including pubs, clubs and workplaces in England. Anyone caught lighting up in a public place after this date will face a £50 fine. A pill which can help people to stop smoking is due to be available on the NHS within weeks.

Meanwhile smokers who seek refuge outdoors will face fines of £80 if they drop cigarette butts in the street as part of a drive to keep Britain tidy. The annual bill for tidying up cigarette butts from our streets is currently £200million.


Princess Haiku said...

Hi, Naomi,
I stopped by for a visit and saw this smoking post. I think that this is a step forward in public safety. I wish it was illegal for people to smoke in apartment buildings too because second hand smoke leaches through heating and vent systems. In the USA smokers congregate at the entrance to public buildings and you have to walk through a tox cloud to get past them. Smoking is a terrible addiction and there needs to be more support for people stopping. This pill sounds good and they should have rehab. After all, it's a drug and one that end stage smokers hit their brain with every fifteen minutes. Some people need help to do this. Good post. BTW do they have any leads finding that little girl?

Naomi said...

Hi Princes

Yes I agree smoking is a terrible addition and there should be more support for people giving up. Special clinics are being set up here in England to offer them support as the no smoking ban looms. There have been a couple of leads on finding Madeleine but it looks like they were false. I will be posting an update on this story very soon.