Sunday, June 03, 2007


Surprise, surprise, people who chatter loudly in public on mobile phones have topped a poll of annoying gadget users. Apparently other mobile public pet hates include hearing ringing mobiles that aren’t answered, people taking mobile calls during a meal, phones ringing in meetings and annoying ringtones. The poll was conducted by electrical retailer Comet. It seems people also dislike having to listen to other people’s music coming from their headphones. Love them or hate them, it looks like mobiles are here to stay, even if they do sometimes ring at inopportune moments! I remember once hearing a mobile ringing during a church service. I couldn’t believe my ears!


david santos said...

Naomi, taste of you for beings a woman who fights for good causes. Congratulations.

Sank said...

Guilty. I've certainly had mine go off at the wrong time, and with the wrong ringtone.

BTW- nice set of recent posts Naomi.

Sharon Lynne said...

Yes, it happens in our church from time to time. Our pastor is good natured about it...and usually jokes that someone owes him a coffee or a pizza!

david santos said...


A terra é um sítio onde o amor não pode viver,
Onde a morte e a maldade paira, a cada momento,
Nem a bondade, nem as crianças podem crescer,
Onde só vive quem tem poder ou pode causar sofrimento


Earth is a place where love cannot endure,
Where death and evil roam, at each lane,
Neither kindness nor children can live secure,
Where those who cause suffering reign.

Naomi said...

Thanks for stopping by Sank and Carol. I must admit Sank I sometimes forget to switch my phone off and it goes off at the wrong time. Sharon it's good that your pastor takes it all in such good humour.

Naomi said...

I'm always ready to fight for good causes I believe in David. Thanks for stopping by.

Naomi said...

Nice poem David and it rings so true in today's society.