Thursday, June 07, 2007


According to a recent survey by The Childrens Soceity, it seems that todays parents are too afraid to let their children play out unsupervised, because of fears for their safety. 43% of parents believed children shouldn’t be allowed to play out unsupervised with their friends until they were at least 14 years old, despite the fact that they themselves had been allowed to play out with their friends when they were young. It’s not surprising really, when you consider what sort of world we now live in. When I was growing up, times were different. I have happy childhood memories of being able to ride my bike and play out safely. I grew up in a quiet country area, where all the neighbours knew one another and our house was in a cul-de-sac and free of traffic. Unfortunately those times don’t exist any more. It’s a shame for the children but for their own good at the end of the day.

Experts who conducted the survey as part of the Good Childhood inquiry warned of the importance of letting children have the freedom to play out and make friends, with some childhood friendships lasting a lifetime. They interviewed children who told them that being able to play out and have friends was central to a good childhood. Some children preferred to discuss problems like bullying with friends rather than their parents. I think it’s all about striking a happy medium. It would be so sad if children missed out on one of the happiest times of their lives because of the sort of world we now live in.


Jackie said...

I remember the happy days I spent riding my bike wherever I wanted as a child. Now children cannot even be allowed off the property without supervision. Sad world we live in.

Granimore said...

It's a shame. I also have memories of wandering all over creation. I lived in a small town and it was nothing to disappear for hours on end, showing up at suppertime. I rode my bike everywhere, had a creek to play around in, and plenty of woods to explore. I'm sorry our kids can't have the same kind of childhood.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Naomi! I was able to ride my horse all over the desert when I was a kid. My friends rode with me and we always had our dogs with us! When I was younger and didn't have a horse, we got to roam the desert looking for horned toads, lizards and rose agate!
Of course we had check in times and curfews, but we had time to be kids. When I look back "the desert" was not far from home and not as "far and wide" as I thought as a child!
My sons

Naomi said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. It a shame because it's the children who are ultimately the sufferers not being able to have any freedom because of the way the world has become.