Sunday, April 01, 2007


Book publishers Bloomsbury revealed the covers for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” this week as a taster to whet the appetite of the boy wizard’s fans, prior to the book’s release on 21st July. The covers will be used on the English version of the final saga of the Harry Potter series throughout the world, except the U.S. which will carry a different design. The children’s version features Harry and his companions Hermione and Ron looking all grown up, whilst the adult version features a photo of a locket which carries the serpentine “S” which is believed to be where the evil Lord Voldemort keeps a small part of his soul.

Meanwhile JK Rowling has expressed her sadness at ending Harry Potter’s adventures. The author writes on her website, “I always knew that Harry's story would end with the seventh book, but saying goodbye has been just as hard as I always knew it would be." Harry will be sadly missed by his millions of fans around the world, including myself.


Jackie said...

Can't wait to read it :)

Wonder what we can look forward to with this being the last book in the series ?

Sheila said...

Naomi, thanks for sharing this bit of Harry Potter news. I hate to think that the series is nearly complete. My high school senior son has grown up with him. A passage of sorts for them both.

Naomi said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the new book too Jackie. I'm sure there will be a lot of surprises in store. Sheila I can't believe that this will be the last Harry Potter. Life will never be the same again. He will be sadly missed by all of us!