Monday, April 16, 2007


According to a recent poll, hairdressers are the happiest workers in Britain. It’s not the money they earn that makes them love their job so much. Apparently they just love chatting to customers about upcoming weddings, the latest soaps and holidays as they cut, perm, wash and blow-dry. It was interesting to note that my line of work, Secretarial, PA, Administration came bottom of the list at no. 20. I must be in the wrong job!


Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing the survey, Naomi. I think maybe their happiness is related to the level of stress. I don't see the job as stressful. Tiring, maybe having to stand so much. The best ones can make a non-talkative client like me open up and chat non-stop. I recently found a new stylist and love that about her.

Naomi said...

Yes I always think that's nice Sheila how stylists can make conversation with even the most shy clients and make them "open up". I think it's definitely the low stress level that makes them so happy!