Sunday, April 29, 2007


If you live in Britain and your local council is abolishing your weekly rubbish collection, the little chaps shown in the photo could soon be your new neighbours! As local councils up and down the country abandon weekly refuse collections in a bid to encourage recycling, many residents are now faced with unhygienic conditions including the stench of rotting refuse, rat infestations and a risk of disease. Many neighbourhoods already have their refuse collected on a fortnightly basis, mine is one of them. This is ok for people living on their own or couples but for larger households, the system just doesn’t seem to be working. Many families have overfilled their bins and then been refused a collection by the council. Obviously if the council won’t collect the rubbish then people will just dump it somewhere else. Fly-tipping may be illegal but still councils deal with a million cases every year.

There is also growing concern that people who dispose of large amounts of rubbish may face an extra “pay as your throw” charge on top of their council tax bill, under new government plans. Ten thousand people have now joined an online campaign against fortnightly refuse collections adding weight to a growing national outcry over the scheme.

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