Monday, April 02, 2007


As we head towards Easter, many British people will be taking advantage of the big Bank holiday weekend to catch up on D.I.Y. tasks around the house. However not all of them will run smoothly, with many jobs ending in disaster. According to a recent survey around 17% of the population have had D.I.Y. disasters, many of them so bad that they have resulted in insurance claims! Apparently two of the main areas where problems occur are in electrical and plumbing jobs, which one in ten people admit tackling even though they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. At the other end of the scale, up to two thirds of the population take on D.I.Y. tasks without having the proper tools to do the job. No wonder it can take many people up to three years to finish a basic job!


Sheila said...

People are idiots to attempt electrical repairs without experience. Plumbing is another matter. Probably won't get killed if you make a mistake there--just get yourself wet. I can paint and wallpaper ok and am willing to attempt little projects, but I love a handyman who can do it all.

Dave G said...

98% of them are men I believe, you would think that if they were interested they would do some research and learn. But thats men for ya.

Naomi said...

Unfortunately Sheila there are a lot of idiots about who attempt electrical repairs without experience! I can't wallpaper but I'm ok with painting and tiling.

I think a lot of men see tackling some DIY projects as a challenge Dave. For some it's a macho thing. Thanks for stopping by.