Tuesday, April 10, 2007


According to a recent newspaper poll six out of ten voters believe that Britain has become a worse place to live since Tony Blair came to power. No surprise there then. Many people believe Mr Blair has been in office for too long. If these findings are anything to go by, Mr Blair has definitely outstayed his welcome at No 10 that’s for sure. They certainly paint a less than flattering picture of his premiership.

Other voters believe that Britain is now a more dangerous and less happy place to live than before Mr Blair came to power. Chancellor Gordon Brown also suffered a blow when a Sunday Times poll revealed that over half of Britons believe he is unfit to lead the country, despite being hot favourite to succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister.


Dirty Butter said...

It's interesting to hear a homegrown perspective on the news!

Jackie said...

I am saddened by the way he has changed over the years.

Trouble is that both in the States and UK there doesn't appear to be one person who stands out and you feel you would like them to take over when Bush and Blair leave office.

Naomi said...

Thanks Rosemary. Yes it's difficult when you live in a country and can see things changing and not always for the better.

Jackie most politicians are the same. They all make promises they can't keep. Tony Blair is a classic example of this. At the end of the day all politicians are as bad as one another.