Thursday, April 19, 2007


Using cell phones isn't for everyone, but sometimes an alternative form of telephone use isn't readily known. The old standby of phone calling cards could be one way to help you make phone calls on the run without having to use cell phones on a daily basis.

Scientists believe that mobile phones could be responsible for the disappearance of millions of bees. Apparently signals from mobiles interfere with bees’ natural inbuilt radar systems which help guide them back to their hives. When this happens the bees become lost and disorientated and eventually die, resulting in empty hives, no bees to pollinate crops and flowers and a shortage of honey. I was just thinking I hadn’t seen many bees around recently. Now I know the reason why.


Jackie said...

Thanks for posting this as I hadn't a clue why they disappeared from certain areas and actually thought it might be GM food plants scaring them away. Now we know.

Naomi said...

Yes it's such a shame Jackie. Mobile phones are the curse of our society.