Sunday, April 29, 2007


As most of my readers know, I love carnivals! Diary from England will be participating in two upcoming carnivals. The first carnival is another one in the Gonzo series, being hosted by Blue Duck and Kilroy sponsored by For Your Success. The carnival is being held on 26th April. All entries must be submitted by 11.59pm on 23rd April. For more details go to the link shown below:-

The second carnival, a Health Carnival, is being held over at Blog Village on 30th April. All entries must be submitted by 26th April. For more details go to the link shown below.

I’m hoping to host a carnival myself here at Diary From England sometime in the future. Watch this space for details!

P.S. I was interested to see that it's not just me who loves carnivals. Fellow Blog Villager Anthony McCune
  • The Lives and Times
  • has caught the carnival bug too and is posting in several different ones. You can read all about them by going to:-


    Jackie said...

    Entered the Blog Village one but not sure where to get info for the banner as I don't want the huge advert Carnival offer the HTML for.

    Dirty Butter said...

    Thanks for the plug for the BLOG VILLAGE HEALTH Carnival, Naomi. Looks like you might be having some problems with the post, though, as the banners aren't working and the links aren't active.

    While it's on my mind .... something is making your blog load really slowly, even on DSL. You might check out whatever you have from bravenet. I noticed that took a long time to load, but it's not just that.

    Anthony said...

    I was invited to host a gonzo carnival; honestly I'm not up to it. I think this would be a great spot for the next one!!

    I'm writing a post and since you're my UK connection I wanted to ask a question. Is Hoover a verb in your corner of the world? Or is that a myth?

    To close, I've posted a couple times on both these carnivals. I'm hoping we have plenty of company. If you check my blog by the end of the weekend I should have a list of others I've submitted to. I'm going to shoot out entries for about a month and see what happens.

    mrsnesbitt said...

    Hi, came here via blog village.
    Could you send me the html code to enable me to put the blog village picture/link onto my blog.

    Thanks neighbour
    North Yorkshire

    Rising Rainbow said...

    What? No horse lover's blog carnival, we'll miss you!

    Janey Loree said...

    Hi Naomi! Now that my company is gone, I will definitely check out the carnivals!! I am thinking about hosting a carnival in the future too!!! They are so much fun!!!!

    Anthony said...

    Thank you, Naomi. That is quite kind of you. I reviewed only the carnivals that have a date listed for their next appearance. Will look forward to you joining me.

    Anthony said...

    Hey Naomi!

    Do you play tag? Hoping you'll take up this're it!

    Sank said...

    I've been voting for you! Can't donate however with the US address.
    Keep up the good posts!

    David Santos said...

    Thanks for you work and have a good day of flowers

    Naomi said...

    Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    Jackie don't have an HTML code - just copied the photo and posted a link underneath if that's any help.

    Rosemary not sure what's making the blog load slowly but have shrunk some photos down and seems better now.

    Yes Anthony hoover is a verb in England. We do the hoovering! No it isn't a myth! I'm going to have a look at some of the carnivals you mentioned. They sound good.

    Mrs Nesbitt have already been across and posted about this. Thanks for the visit

    Naomi said...

    Hi Rising Rainbow - didn't know there was any Horse Lover's carnival on the go. There seem to be so many at the moment!

    Yes the carnivals are a lot of fun Janey.

    Anthony I haven't played tag since schooldays but will be happy to take up the mission!

    Thanks for all the kind words and votes Sank. I will be coming over to visit your blog soon.

    Thanks for your kind words David. Hope you enjoyed your visit here.