Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Offers of work are flooding in for Heather Mills after her success on Dancing with the Stars (the U.S. version of Come Dancing), amongst them an invitation to be a stand-in host on CNN show Larry King Live. I have personally never watched Dancing with the Stars as we don’t get it here but I’ve seen internet videos of Heather in action dancing and also American friends have e-mailed and told me all about it.

Heather has come in for a lot of bad press recently, particularly from Beatles fans who see her as a gold digger who seduced a vulnerable Paul McCartney after the death of Linda. Heather may have her faults but there are two sides to everything. Love her or hate her, you have to admit Heather is a very gutsy lady and very brave too attempting some of the stunts like the backflip in Dancing with the Stars. Heather has survived two public votes to remain in the show for the time being anyway. She is definitely an inspiration to those who have lost limbs and living proof that you can still dance, do sports and have fun and live your life to the full. Beatles fans will hate me for saying so but good luck Heather – you’ve got my vote, for your sheer grit and determination if nothing else!

PHOTO:- Courtesy of Yahoo News


Marion said...

I agree with you, Naomi, I always thought she had grit and guts and determination, too!

Sheila said...

This show is too cheesy even for me but I guess it is popular.

Jackie said...

I am also glad she is getting some good press now.

The divorce has got blow all to do with anyone. People get divorced all the time in the entertainment industry so why pick on her ?

I was shocked to see PETA dropped her as a spokesperson on Stella McCartneys say so and wrote them a really strong email to which I got no reply.