Saturday, May 13, 2006


HP Sauce, the nation’s favourite brown sauce has been in the news this week. It’s new American owners Heinz are planning to close the Birmingham based factory and transfer production of the sauce to Holland. To do that is almost unthinkable. HP sauce is a national institution in this country, like Marmite and Bisto gravy. The bottles currently feature the Houses of Parliament on the front of them but in the wake of the news, critics are arguing that this logo should be removed from the label and it should be replaced with a Dutch logo instead. Some people believe “HP” stands for the “Houses of Parliament” but in actually fact HP sauce is named after Harry Palmer who originally invented the secret recipe of fruit, vinegar and spices that makes up the sauce in 1899. The sauce is also known as “Wilson’s gravy” as former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson loved it and reportedly used to smother all his food in it!


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a brown sauce? Like a gravy?

bob bones said...

hp sauce is murkage for your taste buds, its a spciy, fruity vinegary dark thick sauce, which is far batter then crappy tomato sauce