Saturday, May 06, 2006


It's been a bad week for Tony Blair and the Labour Government. No wonder Tony's wife Cherie was pictured having an audience with the Pope earlier in the week. Maybe she was seeking divine intervention on Tony's behalf! I doubt even that would be enough to save him now.

After Sept 11th and the London Underground bombings, surely the
government should have learned something. But apparently not. What
a farce releasing dangerous foreign criminals back into a country
where they don't even belong in the first place, rather than deporting them back to where they came from. The fact that this was hidden from the British public for 3 weeks just adds insult to injury! Home Secretary, Charles Clarke was sacked yesterday and quite rightly so. He failed abysmally in his duty to protect the safety and security of every citizen in Britain. Let’s hope John Reid does a better job.

As for John Prescot, after the revelations of his affair with his diary secretary (who revealed details of their relationship in graphic detail to a national newspaper), how can anybody in this country have any faith in a man like that after what he's done to his poor wife! The fact that he's no longer in charge of a department but that he's still remaining as Deputy Prime Minister, (with all the perks that go with it), and being paid a large government salary though is beyond belief. It just sends out the wrong signals to the British public that Mr Blair condones this sort of behaviour.

No wonder Labour suffered a huge defeat in the local elections. Everyone in Britain has had enough. After such an embarrasing performance at the polls, the question everyone in Britain is now asking is when Mr Blair will be leaving No. 10. This country desperately needs a new leader and a change of government to get it back on its feet again.

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